SA Spearfishing record for marlin smashed

SA Spearfishing record for marlin smashed

Although details are scant and the catch is still to be accepted by the record keepers, Jason Heyne brings us news of the all new SA Spearfishing record for marlin. And it looks like a shore dive at this stage!

Over to Jason…

“The diving conditions this week have been well above average. Decent fish are coming out on the north coast and it looks like Guy Le Meme broke the South African spearfishing record for black marlin. Well done Guy! Saturday the northeast picks up speed during the day with the swell starting small at 1.2m and building during the day. Sunday morning the northeast drops off and a fresh southwest comes through later in the day with the swell running at 1.8m. So it looks like Saturday morning is good for a dive. Good viz was reported north and south today. As always dive safe and straight spears”

Thank you Jason!

Well it looks like the Couta have arrived and there seem to be quite a few about. Enjoy this weeks really chokka-blok gallery of fish shot this week up and down the KZN Coast.

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