Self catering accommodation options in Tofo

Self catering accommodation in Tofo

There are some great self catering accommodation in Tofo and Tofinho these days.

Since the quiet little beach village became the most fun town this side of the equator, a boom in available self catering accommodation in Tofo and Tofinho area has left us with options aplenty.

Here a few choice spots right close to all the many surf spots, dive operators and fishing charters…

Casa Algodoal – perched right over the main beach at Tofo

Casa Frenzy – a few kilometres along the beach to total privacy in the bush

Lalaland – also tucked away behind a sand dune, very exclusive

Casa na Duna – looking straight up the barrel of the mighty Tofinho surf break.

Each place is unique in it’s own right, so click on over to their respective pages by following the links above, and book away!

Self catering means you can hook into the local mercado downtown beach way, buy a wide variety of locally produced fruit and vegetables at super prices, and flavour that with any choice of a variety ranging from fresh prawns and crayfish, daily caught linefish to other treats like my favourite – clams!

Further back on into town, at the famous landmark junction called Babalaza, there is another market with decidedly more fishy flavour. All kinds of prawns, big and small, can be procured here. Take your own scale! Scallops can be found amongst fresh piles of sardines, anchovies and sometimes even mackerel. The variety of fish to use for bait includes halfbeaks and silkies, or wolf herring to the non-Durban. Funnily enough the locals call them walla walla?!

The supermarkets that have spring up like speedbumps all around the place literally have everything. Along with locally produced and supplied goods like farmed fish (saving the oceans), coconut oils and coffee.

What more could you need? Whatever it is, you’ll probably be sure find it in the market!


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