Huge Zambezi in Umzimkulu Mouth

Sighting location: latitude: -30.7397 longitude: 30.4589

Huge Zambezi in Umzimkulu Mouth

Submitted by: Sean Lange


Huge Zambezi in Umzimkulu Mouth

For an hour or more, we watched as a huge Zambezi Shark patrolled the fast outflowing water of the Umzimkulu River this afternoon.
Speculation and hope is that the huge fish, one of a few sighted in the area lately, is here to give birth in the river!

A few years back we started running into Zambezi Sharks in the Umzimkulu River, at a cute little 5kg or size. Then they were 10kg’s.¬†And last week Chris Lepan, local angling guru here in Port Shepstone, caught a 40kg estimated Zambezi – may just be the same family!

So now hopefully these big mommas are gonna come into the river tonight and give birth.

Let’s mark the date!

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