Baby Black Marlin shoal off Bazaruto

Baby Black Marlin shoal off Bazaruto

An Instagram feed journal of the activities of The Sardine News activities…Baby Black Marlin shoal off Bazaruto

A few days ago, Capt. Duarte Rato reported on all the baby Black marlin been caught off the Bazaruto Archipelago, into this new year. These are amazingly beautiful fish – which put on a great show and fight on appropriate gear, be it conventional, spinning or on the fly.
Here´s a very short clip of one of these rat´s being released aboard VAMIZI, it just shows you on beautiful these little creatures are. Amazingly these small fish come right into the inshore reef´s and are caught in depths as shallow as 15 meters of green water.
As you can see in the rad little clip…‘s Captain Duarte Rato educates one of a proliferation of baby black marlin off Bazaruto this year – how to jump real good for the camera, just prior to release. More on thesardine #thesardine #fishbazaruto

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