Captain Duarte Rato and the Great Barrier Reef

Captain Duarte Rato and the Great Barrier Reef

Dreams are free, so they say. And for some they sure come true!

Our own Captain Duarte Rato of fame had the opportunity to make a big tick off his bucket list, as he joined Tradition Charters, fishing the Great Barrier Reef, off Australia.

This well put together video encapsulates the vibe and the excitement of fishing exotic locations, with Duarte.

Duarte is available for charter in different locations in different times of the year. Bazaruto, Ascension Island, Madeira, Cape Verde – his non stop tour across the globe chasing and taming huge black and blue marlin.

To get in touch with Duarte, click on over to his website at, where you will also find a comprehensive collection of Captain’s Logs from every trip Duarte has done since 2011. And that is a lot of trips!

Duarte is an accomplished photographer and his jumping mad billfish photographs are crazy mad, AND, they never stop coming!

Duarte is currently on Bazaruto Island – where he spends every marlin season, this time of year. They are getting some great fish now and you can expect more entertaining and inspirational reports from

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