Surfing Tofo shorebreak

Surfing Tofo shorebreak

Surfing Tofo shorebreak through the high tide is a great option when the waves aren’t that good at the points.

The rapidly shifting sand and currents in the bay have made for so many configurations over the years. Right now it’s pretty much an a-frame right in front of Nordin’s Lodge, between Wayani Pariango and Fatima’s.

Earlier this year, it formed up as a looooong right hander with barreling sections rivaling those normally found at Tofinho and Barra. It held the crowd well, everybody and his dog enjoyed the two weeks of cranking superbank type waves. This wave started way up top and peeled right past in front of the hotel – which was filled with spectators at the afternoon after-work session.

This month we have been visited by the spirited Plomaritis family, who took the prevailing seasonal raging onshores with grace and dvd’s, and were rewarded neatly enough, with some great sessions at The Dragon and here out front at Praia do Tofo.

The Sardine can set you up with a unique surfing adventure anywhere along the Southern African seaboard. Get in touch to chat about your requirements. (Let’s go by boat!)


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