Kingfish on MYDO Luck Shot #1

Kingfish on MYDO Luck Shot #1

Sardine Team angler, The Frenzy, chose a slower action in the deeper parts of the water column, to bang her beautiful baby kingfish (could be baby GT, or handsome big-eye, not sure yet?!) featured in this post. She was fishing the Pomene estuary just before dark, using a pearl white 6 inch jerk tail plastic, and a MYDO Billplate for extra flash and action.

Fishing this lure slower, making the most of the diverse swimming actions available from these innovative and revolutionary new jigheads, The Frenzy enticed her fish to strike hard just as it got dark.

It was a good fight and usual Frenzy gave no quarter either and five minutes later we had the single hook out and the kingfish swam off with a kiss. Whooohooo!

It was the day after Bad Brad’s brace of these angry little kingfish…and rounded off a great weeks fishing in the waters of Pomene.

More to follow…

And more about the MYDO Luck Shot #1 here.


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