Inhaca Island with The Frenzy

Inhaca Island with The Frenzy

The Frenzy is back in the show, appearing here in a quick video on Inhaca Island…

The Sardine team have been marooned on Inhaca Island off Maputo in Southern Mozambique for 8 full days now. As you can see, The Frenzy is making the most of it all, whilst the rest of the team are fixing outboards!

We have been able to get out to sea a few times…Santa Maria is like a fairyland, and The Lighthouse is a deserted Tofo like headland with waves, and wrecks, and reef, and abundant sea life would you believe it. Crystal clear Mozambican current water laps up against the eastern seaboard and over a myriad of rich shallow reefs. Baitfish are everywhere and we even saw a shark on one trip!

Inhaca Island is certainly an overlooked jewel here right out front and in full view of Maputo. Cars can’t get here (although there is a small fleet of cars that live here), so the only traffic is by boat, and comes in and out of the little small boat mooring bay in front of the broken Pestana hotel effort on the West shore. Very limited traffic.

More Inhaca action to follow…


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