Deep sea fishing Barra

Deep sea fishing Barra

Deep sea fishing Barra waters can be a bundle of fun. It is very user friendly and features a few launch options. At Neptunes Bar on the ocean side of the Whitesands peninsula, is a great launch spot used by Barra Reef Divers. And when the little shorbreak turns nasty, tow on down to Whitesands and drop your boat into completely calm waters. Just watch the tides as they come in fast and high in this place. A 4 metre tide scale is something to reckon with!

On days when the sea is moody, fishing in the shipping channels in the Inhambane Bay is great – a huge Estuary 40x as big as the Knysna lagoon!

When you do get out into the Lee of the Barra Point, you find yourself at the mouth of this huge estuary system. And it teems with life.

Bait is easy to come by with your favourite jig fly stick producing all sorts of mackerel and scad looking fishies. We even catch pencil squid in the shallows here, and king mackerel come right in here, to prey on the endless volley of bait balls.

Moving directly north puts you on a great long sand shelf dotted with reef along the way. 8m to 15m is jam packed with sonar feedback from the soundings. Tuna and couta come right in here too, sometimes you can see the bottom whilst fighting a fish. We got a black marlin in the 8m water recently.

The yellowfin patrol a bit deeper out. They love the 23m contour, which usually lines up with the first ridge of reef off Barra. The second ridge is an extension of Tofo’s headland and runs deeper off Barra light house where it drops off from 30m to 80m like a cliff. Our Amberjack spot. We also got our biggest GT on this ridge. 60+.

Wahoo and billfish are found along this ledge too. It’s ideal hunting territory for those gangsters out there.

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