So you wanna see a bait ball?

So you wanna see a bait ball?

So, you wanna see a bait ball?

Check this one out!

When Captain Duarte Rato gets excited, so do I! He has been frothing over these amazing pics he lucked into whilst on a charter off Bazaruto two days ago. This one is a shark based bait ball, but many others were instituted by sailfish the same day. The bait balls are everywhere, even down here in Barra and Tofo.

And they are having the desired effect on the fishing.

The fishing off Bazaruto has been epic this last couple of weeks. Huge yellowfin, by inshore standards are being encountered. The ones that are coming out have been 40kg’s! The ones that have been getting away and there have been plenty, have been estimated at over 50!

Wahoo and couta have also been going mad, as they do, this time of the year, every year.

Sailfish are a bycatch of fishing for tuna, couta and wahoo really, and are almost as plentiful. There have been plenty sailfish all over lately. Targeting just sailies yields big numbers. Sometimes 5 or 10 a day. All released of course.

It’s just the big mommas, that are taking their time to appear. A few encounters with 800s, and a bunch of smaller fish, “rats”, as Duarte calls them, but a little quiter than last year.

Duarte is at sea right now…so stay tuned for more Bazaruto torture!

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