Weekly Spearfishing by Jason Heyne

Weekly Spearfishing by Jason Heyne

Jason is always on time with his Friday reports, but they just miss the 11am publishing each Friday of The Sardine News by email. So, once again, a slightly belated report and forecast from Jason…our man under the KZN water…

“The diving conditions this week have been surprisingly good after all the rain and storms on the weekend. The sea settled nicely on Wednesday and is still good today(Friday). Saturday a light north east blows during the day and the swell runs at 1.5m. Sunday a moderate south westerly blows with the swell running smaller at 1.3m. The wave period will pick up to 16 seconds so expect some big sets. Hard to say which day will be better for a dive but I’m leaning towards Saturday. Viz was reported north and south today. Daga salmon, Garrick and GT’s are still here with brusher putting in a good appearance both north and south. We will be having our annual shorediving species competition on the 15th of October and it’s going to be a great event. Check the poster for details. Hope to see all of you there. As always dive safe and straight spears.

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