Most fun accommodation in Tofo

Most fun accommodation in Tofo

Most fun accommodation in Tofo award goes to Lalaland, right on the beach, just up the beach, from Praia do Tofo. The beach.

It’s fun for many reasons, but it has to be the quaint, elegantically rustic designed spaces all over Lalaland, where the feeling finds tenure. As you drive in, you can see how Lalaland came to be – yes, that’s the land rover Chad and Heidi arrived in. Parked right in the boma! The boma leads to the beach on one side, and the main building and kitchen on the other. It’s a great place – the many years of toil have paid off  – with absolute attention to detail and a good dose of pure style woven together. Other ingredients include friendly and helpful staffers, coconuts and things growing everywhere, hammocks and conversation areas, cool doggies (security)…

The gardens are filled with features and right in the middle, is the fire pit and boma. Where you can lose yourself completely on a starry night. The accommodations are a cool blend of bricks and mortar, and local materials, like reeds and chappas (corrugated roof sheets). The en suite bathrooms are roofed only by the stars and palm trees.

The beach out front goes for miles each way. A quick walk south puts you right in the mix – the Tofo Mercado. Colourful and vibrant, the beat carries through to midnight and beyond on most nights. There are many places to go, and many things to do, in Tofo town.

And during the day, putting to sea on one of many craft available puts you in the running for swim with a whale shark, or a dolphin, manta ray…or a cruise to the islands and back, under sail on a trendy and photogenic dhow.

Lalaland have a few of their own watercraft – great for catching the waves out front – Praia do Tofo has become a highly acclaimed beginner’s surfers beach. And another headland south is Tofinho (baby Tofo?!), which produces some class waves when it feels like it. A huge plastic paddle ski that can carry one to three people is also available, and can be launched and retrieved just in front of the lodge’s beach gate.

For more information and to see more of why we call it the most fun accommodation in Tofo, click on over to and look around!

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