Oakley Partners With The Cell C Goodwave Surfing Event

Oakley Partners With The Cell C Goodwave Surfing Event

Durban – As interest continues to grow for the resurrected Cell C Goodwave surfing tournament, the contest organizer are proud to welcome Oakley onboard.

The prestigious Cell C Goodwave is a unique event on the South African surfing calendar, a contest that focuses entirely on the invited surfers taking part, and Oakley are very pleased with the core values of the event and look forward to a positive partnership going forward.

 “Oakley is proud to have become a partner of a cutting-edge surf event such as the Cell C Goodwave,” said Seth Hulley, Oakley Sports Marketing Manager. “Barry Wolins was the person instrumental in getting this popular contest back on the calendar, and working alongside the caliber of people involved like Barry and Jason Ribbink means it was an automatic response to get behind the tournament. I must say a huge thank you goes to Gavin Varejes for what he does for our sport, and surfing can be proud to have the support of Gavin. I have no doubt The Cell C Goodwave will be another major success.”

The Cell C Goodwave is an invite-only event. The best 32 surfers in the country will be invited to compete, and 32 alternates will be invited as well.

The contest has a one-day run-time, with 4 man heats and a sudden death format. The event comprises fifteen heats of high performance surfing, has a 1-year waiting period, with the call being made on the advice of surf forecasting guru Spike from www.wavescape.co.za

The kind of day at New Pier when the Cell C Goodwave Surfing event will run © FLANAGAN

The kind of day at New Pier when the Cell C Goodwave Surfing event will run © FLANAGAN

Entries are currently being loaded up on the Cell C Goodwave Facebook page, info . All entries will be posted on the Goodwave Facebook page, so please ensure that you have the necessary permissions for accompanying imagery and video.

Recent entries include Grant ‘Twiggy’ Baker, Matt Bromley, Davey Weare, Tammy-Lee Smith and 8-year-old Sergio Nogueira.

The selection criteria and process is at the discretion of the event organisers, and no correspondence will be entered into.

Entrance fee for the selected surfers is one Rand, first place prize is R100,000, and the event will be hosted on the day by California Dreaming, overlooking New Pier on the beachfront.

The Cell C Goodwave is a South African Surfing Legends event, with Jason Ribbink the contest director

The event is sanctioned by Surfing South Africa.

The Cell© Goodwave – in loving memory of Lee Wolins.

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