Exploring the Bazaruto Archipelago

Exploring the Bazaruto Archipelago

There is just so, so much to do and see, in the Bazaruto Archipelago.

But you need a boat.

And this is when you log on to fishbazaruto.com and get in touch with the team who are right there in Vilankulos. With boats aplenty.

Fish Bazaruto is captained by local guide and skipper, Duarte Rato. Who has amassed more hours out and around the Bazaruto Archipelago islands than even most of the fish out there. His main job is taming huge marlin and teaching them some manners before releasing them. His stern talking to’s have gained Duarte much respect in the world of marlin fishing.

Fish Bazaruto have recently expanded their fleet and have begun focusing on family and fun activities, to complement their sport fishing packages.

So now, whilst the manne are out fishing, the ladies and kids can cruise the villages and explore  the markets, ride a fat bike, cruise in a canoe…

Or take a boat!

Out to the deserted sandy islands and beaches, winding through crystal clear channels, sea life all around. Flamingoes. Rays. Maybe even a pod of dolphins will come say hi. The boat cruises are customizable and can include an island barbeque. Or snorkelling the sea grass for seahorses. Or catch and release fishing. Or just soaking up some well deserved vitamin D.

For an even more adventurous day, go on an ocean safari or whale watching trip (in season) and put yourself right in the thick of things. Marine wild life in these waters is world renowned. They even got dugongs!

So get in touch with Captain Duarte Rato via his content rich and feature-filled website on fishbazaruto.com

Enjoy the gallery!

The excellent photography by Captain Duarte Rato.

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