Tofinho surfing exhibition

There has been a great Tofinho surfing exhibition over the last few amazing days here.

And although the girls of Tofo dominated the line up, there were a few clever tricks by their male counterparts.

Stand out was Nobino Morimoto, being encouraged further and further up the point, by husband Craig Harburn. Relentless teamwork.

Chad Leavitt and Caption Gallop were double checking for crayfish during some classic wipes.

The vibe has been completely mellow out here on the fringe. The koekie section has actually been throwing through the nuggets. Gabrielle (from France) knows this and treated the spectator crowd on the headland, to his wave bashing. Wave after wave.

Elton Cuthbert and Mike Oakley know how to time their trips to Mozambique. Elton knows how to time his barrels at the top section.

Tofo and Tofinho this time of the year is really surfing nirvana. Stay at or Casa da Aguadal.

Enjoy the gallery…

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