Sardine Run Spearfishing action by Jason Heyne

Sardine Run Spearfishing action by Jason Heyne

How about this for some serious Sardine Run Spearfishing action, reported in by Jason Heyne?

“Diving conditions have been great this week.

Loads of winter fish are holding in the shallows. Bad news is a big south west is blowing already and will continue through Saturday bringing 3m swell from the Cape. Wind drops off late Saturday with a light offshore blowing Sunday morning and a 1.6m swell running. There was great viz both north and south coasts today. So it looks like Sunday may be diveable if you don’t mind a bit of surf. Try hang as shallow as possible to intercept dagas, yellowtail, garrick and snoek. Some big king mackerel have been coming out in the deep. Natal champs has been postponed due to the weather. As always dive safe and straight spears.”

Thank you Jason!

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