Sardine Report from Port St. Johns

Sardine Report from Port St Johns

Debbie Smith of Offshore Africa is right in on the action down in the Transkei every day, and has kindly dropped us another Sardine Report from Port St Johns, this morning.

“Great Day. Loits of baitballs on the snorkel. Small red-eye sardines plentiful. Few birds but we had sharks and dolphins with us for 20 minutes. Then we had Manta Ray on two seperate sightings. Water temp a steady 20 degrees and viz a decent 6 to 8 metres.” – Debbie Smith

So it is all going according to plan. Sardines have in the past come out as early as May, but the water really has to drop below 19 degrees to create the ideal conditions.

The wild waves generated by the ongoing cold frontal invasion are also a pre-requisite for the sardines to come in close.

2016 Sardine report from Port St Johns

2016 Sardine report from Port St Johns – featuring dolphins, sharks and red-eyes – by Debbie Smith


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