Spearfishing by Jason Heyne

"Ha ha, a very late Spearfishing report by Jason Heyne. Our servers have been battling to keep up with all these big couta stories?! But at if today we are back, and boy oh boy, do we have news coming up…" Shonalanga

Over to Jason…

The sea conditions have been average this week. Today (Friday) the sea flattened out nicely with some decent viz on the south coast and an average of about 5m viz on the north coast. The weather gods are smiling on us this weekend with a light offshore on Saturday and a light north east on Sunday and the swell starting at 1.5m on Saturday dropping off to 1m come Sunday. Good news is that the winter fish are gathering off Transkei coast and will be heading up the coast soon. A very large King Mackerel was caught off a ski today in excess of 45 kg! Both Saturday and Sunday are looking great for a dive. As always dive safe and straight spears.

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