JP Bartholomew catches 8 gamefish on lures in the Umzimkulu

JP Bartholomew catches 8 gamefish on lures in the Umzimkulu

“JP Bartholomew spent this last weekend down on the Umzimkulu river, fishing with artificials only. He consistently outfished everyone, by far, including the live baiters. I have fished the Umzimkulu since I could paddle, and never have I seen so much success, from one angler. KP. Legend!” – Shonalanga

Following My late avie session off the Umzimkulu River Estuary Barge yesterday while throwing a Sean Lange No 1 Mini Shot MYDO Lure for Kob while moving down towards the mouth i saw some nice spots where a few locals were fishing from and access to it from the road side and thought I’d give it a go the water is nice greenish blue and with a deep drop off with some nice structure too.

So with my new MYDO Lure Mini Shot No1….. I arrived to see if I  could get some action and entice some Rogue Rockies lurking around the banks and structure I  was on My 13th flick towards the trees over hanging the waters when I got hit hard by either a Kingfish or a Rock Salmon it started peeling line and heading towards the trees and rocks I then knew it was a Rockie trying to head back into his hole! Setting My drag tight I didn’t give him the chance to try cut me or jam me in his but hole he then took off again losing the drag slightly so it wouldn’t snap the braid went BANG and the Rockie had the better of Me and I lost him in the rocks and with My new MYDO Lure the only one I had was gone.

Taking a minute or so to replace my drop Shot rig I put on a 5″ Ghost plastic on with a 3/4 oz regular jig head. Throwing into the same area where I picked up my last Rock Salmon I was into My 14th /27th (overall) cast I got picked up again and managed to hang onto this Boykie an landed him onto the bank. I took the pic and returned him back safely. I had a few more flicks around but nothing was happening. I decide to move down to another spot semi grassed spot still with deep water with a bend in the River which eventually straightens out towards the mouth area.Putting on another Ghost plastic I flicked it out towards the structure with semi fast to fast to intice anyhuntingg  game fish i was I into my 20th cast when i got torn into again and had line getting peeled off trying to slow down this locomotion of a fish hoping not to lose it at all it wasn’t a small fish to big enough to give my 7 ft Crucial fitted with a Sustian 3000 15 lb braid.

Holding on and giving  him no more room to run I started turning him to the bank minutes later I landed a nice Rock Salmon measuring at 53 cms nice healthy specimen releasing him as soon as possible not wanting to but anymore stress on him a put it back and was eager to get back as he went straight down into the deep water’s. I was a great morning losing one landing two Rockies it felt good the locals started picking up as the rod and reels started taking up any gaps along the fishable bank spots

I returned back to where we were staying at the Umzimkulu River Estuary Marina lodge. I popped in to see My wife and two Boy’s hard to believe they were all asleep still definitely they had a Awesome Weekend down here. I decide to go down to the three seater jetty that runs off parallel to the drop off that I had success with on early Saturday morning. I changed my colour to a 5″ McArthy Elf Jerk Shad why the water was a lot more dirty and Brown and with a darker plastic on it gives off a better silhouette in the water. The tide was starting to go out so I didn’t have much longer to fish so I started flicking towards the drop off’s  and surrounding’s. I’m not sure but I think I was on my 8th throw when I got a bump continuing to twitch drop twitch drop in so doing I was hoping I’d get hit again and yes please I was on….loosening my drag I let this fish run with  some nice head  shakes I knew I had a small Kobbie on. Chuffed with My catch I played him until he was ready to let Me land him. He finally submitted to Me and I picked him up ever so gently and carried it up onto the grass to take a pick I lay My rod along the side of it to see the length and give you an idea of the size of it.

I eventually got it to lay still took the pick and carried it back down to the river where I released it back safely to fight and hopefully be set free again to become a breeder in the near future. I stuckit out for another 40 min and kept flicking around but it got very quite and the Sun was a lot higher.I headed back to the cottage to spend some quality time with My family.

It’s been a very interesting and exciting weekend down here at the Umzimkulu River Estuary Marina trying some new lures made by Sean Lange and what would of been my fist catch on he’s lure but I think I was just out gunned by a better fish. I’m sure when I meet up with Sean I will also have a better understanding of the River and its secrets with more of the MYDO Mini Shot No1 Drop Shot lures too…..!!

I must say My goodbye’a to the Umzimkulu River Estuary Marina lodge and the great hospitality that came with it as well as a Big thank you to Sean for a Awsome Weekend that even My 7 yr old Son Tristan said this was my bestest weekend ever thanks again Mr S A Lange….!!

It’s goodbye from Me tight lines…

Cheers JP.

“To fish with us on the Umzimkulu, take a look at our long weekend estuary fishing package. Click here for more.” – Shonalanga

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