Gill netters caught fishing the Umkomaas River

Gill netters caught fishing the Umkomaas River

A chap named George Snodey posted the following on his FB page at
“Big heads up to Emille Pirzenthal who after getting a report about gill nets in the umkomaas river last night went out at 1am offloaded his ducky and went in search.He found one quite far up the river of about 100 m in length and on the way back found another one that was attached to a tree on the one side of the river and to a pole that had been buried in the opposite bank.The net was bowed a bit but spanned across the en tire width of the river and was between 250 and 300 meters in length.Members of the public that have seen the story on f.b. and in the s.c sun are now aware of what’s going on and are taking responsibility , we hoping more people will come forward we want to catch these swines in the act now and put a stop to this absolute devastation and plundering of our rivers, this practice is apparantly taking place between port Shenstone and Richards bay and there is a couple of differant groups responsible for this criminal activity.I have fetched the nets in umkomaas and am personally going to burn them to a cinder to avoid them ever being used again.We looking to get a group of guys together to go out a couple times a week to catch these vermin if you available get hold of me on 0836654302 if you don’t like working between 1am and 5 am don’t put your name down only way to catch them is that time of the day”

This is a real threat so all Friends of our Rivers please be on the lookout for this criminal activity.

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