Spearfishing South Africa with Jason Heyne

Spearfishing South Africa with Jason Heyne

The sea conditions this week have been epic. Flat glassy sea with 1m or less swell running. The bad news is that there is a big cold front heading up the coast from Cape Town caused by a huge low pressure storm over the Atlantic ocean. The South West starts blowing midmorning Saturday with the swell starting at 1m picking up to 2.5m later in the afternoon. The South West dies off late Saturday night. Sunday morning there will be a large heavy swell running at 2m with a moderate north east picking up by lunchtime and obliterating the sea. So Saturday morning early is the best bet for a dive. There is good viz on the north and south coasts. Cuda and snoek are still on the north coast with some fair size gt’s around. South coast some early small garrick have been seen and there are some daga salmon out deeper. The wahoo are still on the Aliwal shoal. As always dive safe and straight spears.

Thanks again Jason – you da man!

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