KZN Spearfishing in Wintertime – by Jason Heyne

KZN Spearfishing in Wintertime – by Jason Heyne

And we have Jason Heyne delivering the news every spearo is gasping for! It’s ON! KZN Spearfishing in Wintertime is what we live for! Winter conditions are gonna blanket our beautiful east coastline with idyllic conditions – offshores every morning, clean water ¬†and calm surf…and coming soon to a beach near you – sardines!

Ok, over to Jason Heyne, telling it like it is…

“Sea conditions have really improved this week especially along the south coast the problem is cold water has moved in in places so finding warmer water is key. The weather conditions this weekend are great with a light north east on Saturday and 1.4m swell running and a light south west blowing Sunday with a 1.2m swell running. Wahoo are on the Aliwal shoal with big tropical yellow tail on the deeper pinnacles. Queen mackerel are inshore in the warmer water with daga salmon and blood snapper out deeper. White mussel cracker have arrived on the south coast. Best viz is on the south coast from Umkomaas down. Both Saturday and Sunday are looking really good for a dive. As always dive safe and straight spears. ”

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