Pop goes the Tuna: Ascension Island Popper Madness

Pop goes the Tuna: Ascension Island Popper Madness

A peek into the amazing life of Captain Duarte Rato as he and his guests torture the yellowfin tuna right off Ascension Island. As you can see clearly in the video, this action is really shallow – you can see the bottom right where the poppers are being hammered to pieces by the nonstop yellowfin.

Captain Duarte Rato can be found all over the globe – wherever the BIG fish are, depending on the seasons. He can be contacted via his website http://fishbazaruto.com, where you can also check out the FishBazaruto playlist – featuring a selection of video starring Duarte or his mates.

The playlist is growing steadily, you can check it all out by following this link to http://fishbazaruto.com/media/video/

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