The Rock Music Bistro closed?!

The Rock Music Bistro has been closed until further notice… this sudden Rock shock seems to be ‘official’ vindictiveness – what else can it be? The Rock has been rocking to the rafters these past few weeks … one of the country’s most succesful ‘acoustic folk ‘n rock singer-songwriter’ venues; it’s taken 7 years to develop and the Ladies of The Rock employ over a dozen staff, and their families; they also support needy local charities and social causes, not to mention countless Pro Am musicians; and now they have been "told" to close??? Phil Ochs once sang: "… success is the enemy to the losers of the day…" Who in the world of officialdom does not want The Rock to succeed? Please sign the petition and support the reopening of The Rock Music Bistro in Umzumbe kZN South Africa >> <<

1 comment for “The Rock Music Bistro closed?!

  1. Dave Siebert
    Apr 8, 2016 at 4:52 pm

    I am a 59 year old pensioner and found the Rock to be a real place of relaxation being able to listen to the many variations of musicians who have played there. The staff have always been pleasant and accommodating and the food was definitely value for money . For the life of me and with such limited entertainment in the surrounding areas I CANNOT understand why anyone would want to shut the place down.In terms of both local entertainment and tourism the one thing that the area requires is places where people can interact and this in my opinion is very short sited. Whatever the reason whether vindictive or otherwise this is a bad business decision and really needs to be seriously re considered. As a suggestion why don’t the party who wants the place closed down visit the place and see what benefits it to the locals and tourists as well as what our local musicians add as opposed to still trying to revert the South Coast to a 3rd world backyard tourist destination.

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