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Instant Share Branded e-Postcards

Instant Share Branded e-Postcards

Instant Share e-Postcards have been developed for marketers to be able to take full advantage of the immense exposure opportunities exploding within the social networks marketing sphere right now.

Instant Share Branded e-Postcards

Instant Share Branded e-Postcards for thesardine.co.za.

thesardine.co.za is offering a comprehensive social networking campaign built utilising this radical new technology. Known as the Instant Share e-Postcard Campaign, the product can be adapted to many social marketing requirements.

Totally unlike spam, e-postcards are created and shared by punters voluntarily, and then again voluntarily distributed through social to specifically defined and therefore targeted social groups. This means a surfing photograph is extremely likely going to end up on a surfers phone…targeting made possible through the relevance of the content distributed.

Shares are easy as clicking share, and the image is downloadable to a punters device for further distribution by wifi, bluetooth or any other PAN (personal area network). Thereby perpetuating the reach of every photo, which is branded, and leads back to the marketers website(s).

The Sardine can hook you up with a FREE one week trial (includes 50 e-Postcards)…just email some cool artwork to umzimkulu@gmail.com and we will set you a-sailing…

More details are available right here

Other marketing products and services by thesardine.co.za can be checked out right here

Instant Share Branded e-Postcards

Instant Share Branded e-Postcards for Jungle Monkey on the Wild Coast, KZN


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