Spearfishing by Jason Heyne

Sea conditions this week were average until the storm on Wednesday night bringing the rivers down and clouding up the sea. The sea is settling nicely today (Friday) with the swell dropping off and a light north east blowing. Some viz was reported north coast and middle south coast. Saturday morning early a moderate south west wind is set to blow with the swell picking up. Sunday the swell drops off in the morning and picks up towards the afternoon with a north to north east picking up speed during the day. So it looks like early Saturday and Sunday mornings are looking good for a dive. Snoek and king mackerel are still around. A lot of yellow fin tuna are being seen and prodigal sons aka cobia are hanging out with rays and big sharks. Well done Garret on getting a saily and hard luck on dropping a big wahoo! As always dive safe and straight spears.

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