Another huge Lake Chimipanda Bass

Another huge Lake Chimipanda Bass

Another huge Lake Chimipanda Bass! Terry Dawson got hold of this shot of a 6.16kg largemouth bass also caught in Lake Chimipanda, last September. This amazing piece of water holds quite a  few shoals of these monster bass, which patrol the huge lake. Locals who fish here often know exactly when and where to target these huge bass, and what types of lures to use. Hint. Huge lures!

Lake Chimipanda Bass

Lake Chimipanda Bass are now regularly reaching the 6kg mark!

We have an associate in the Lake Chimipanda valleys – Peter at Casa Msika. A bass centric accommodation and restaurant facility overlooking a beautiful tributary of the lake. The scenery is spectacular and since you are really ‘into the wild’, watch out for crocodiles, hippos, giraffes (they are dangerous I tell you!) and all sorts.

Casa Msika have boats and canoes for hire and charter. Bring your valid Mozambique fishing license. Luckily your Inamar version from the coast also works here in Manica province.

Join the 5kg Bass Club?! Yip, follow the link for more.



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