Roosta Rollin’ at the Retro

Roosta Rollin’ at the Retro

We rolled into the Llandudno parking light, early after traveling down from Port Nolloth all night. We thought it was a fancy dress day at the beach. Liquorice all sorts were scattered around. Mexicans mainly. All droving down towards the life saving club.

We knew The Roosta was in town. With his two lovely ladies, Jo and Malia, and Llands was a good enough place to start.

Then it became clear – we had arrived on the day of the Vudu Rollin’ Retro annual event.

The waves were huge by Llandudno standards. Heaving 8 ft close outs giving way to the odd manageable peak, but the whole scene – far from manageable.

And there was The Roosta, family and all, scheduled to surf in the last heat of the day. Having not seen each other for over six months, there were a few broken and missing boards to forget about, and the party was on.

Corona beer and Jimelda Tequila were the sponsors and so the day unfolded. By the time Roosta was scheduled to paddle out, we had all quenched out thirsts nicely.

The final heat paddled out into a howling side shore and unrelenting sets. But The Roosta found himself completely at home in the wild conditions and soon had racked up the three best waves of the entire day. Including one barrel ride that will be etched into the memories of every spectator present.

Roosta and brothers

The Roosta and brother and brother from another mother Trent Van Der Bijl celebrating hard

An amazing event that grows in size and stature as fast the waves it is traditionally held in!


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