Shad Lane for massive shad

Shad Lane for massive shad

Certain spots produce above average fish of a given species.

That tiny piece of reef down south of Port Edward consistently produces the biggest couta.

Bazaruto is definitely the favoured hangout of big momma blue and black marlin.

Dubai is mobster sailfish central.

And Shad Lane down in Umtentweni on the KZN South Coast is the spot for giant shad.

Young Keegan Logie submitted this shot of another outsized shad taken at this spot. The stretch of surf between Shad Lane, encompassing The Sandspit has long been known for its sugar pocket shad…ie that just fit into a 50kg sugar bag, as sugar was distributed in, in the old days.

Another huge Shad Lane shad.

Another huge Shad Lane shad.

Keegan is still researching the name of the skilful angler, and will revert as soon as he finds out more.

Click here for another huge Shad Lane shad. This one was shot just south, at Chakas Rock, at the start of the Sandspit.

To dispel a myth, there is no such thing as a blue shad, which were thought to be a bigger species of shad. Even this monster is green as.

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