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Biggest Bazaruto Kingfish in 16 Years!

biggest bazaruto kingfish

Biggest Bazaruto Kingfish in 16 Years!

Captain Duarte Rato reporting in from the Bazaruto Archipelago, as the billfish season gets underway in those magnificent waters.

It is still early season up there now with characteristically smaller fish being caught in the slightly colder water. However a few bigger ones in the 600lb range have rocked up and it sure looks to be another good season here in Mozambique.

The following is an excerpt from this week’s report, which we publish first on http://fishbazaruto.com…this report features one serious GT, or giant trevally or giant kingfish or caranx ignoblis, caught and released by one of Duarte’s clients, this past week:

“…the most outstanding was the Giant Kingfish we caught this last week with Igor and Alexis from Russia. On their third day we went specifically looking for them in the early morning and has we arrived at the reef I had chosen we immediately hooked up to a really nice one, which we released and called about 30 kilos. On their last morning we again decided to work that spot early morning and once again we hooked up to a real monster as we got there. But this turned out to be a very special fish, at a very fat 138cm, we estimated this fish a 50 + kilos, our second biggest GT in 16 years of fishing the archipelago.

I am not sure Igor really understood how significant his catch was so to put into perspective I told him that we have released way more Marlin over a 1000 pounds than we have even seen GT´s over 50 kilos!!!”

biggest bazaruto kingfish

Igor all the way out from Mother Russia had a fight on his hands when he tussled with this biggest bazaruto kingfish taken here in 16 years!

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