The Umzimkulu Estuary fishing well

The Umzimkulu Estuary fishing well

Ian Logie has long been the most consistent fisherman on the Umzimkulu Estuary waters, for a very long time. Fishing from Spillers Wharf on the south bank, Ian has caught it all – even a garrick on live bait, at night time! His best fish so far in the river, was a 29kg daga salmon (kob), taken on a very light outfit – a 9 weight fly rod with a small little coffee grinder luckily filled with 6kg line! It took a long while and was a tricky fight, again at night, but after a few hours the huge kob was lying on the slipway.

However, Ian is not the only consistent angler plying these waters. No, there is a new force to contend with…


Young Keegan Logie has developed a strong set of fishing skills, which he uses for great results, fishing the Umzimkulu River.

Keegan Logie.


Yip, Ian’s son has developed into a mamba angler and has a diverse repertoire of fishing tactics. Here in these pictures, Keegan is shown with a beautiful Malabar Rockcod, and a Rock Salmon (River Snapper), both taken on tiny bass type Strike Pros. Keegan was fishing from the low-level bridge and reports that fish were smashing all around them. Keegan did end up in the dog box on Sunday though. A huge fish grabbed the new lure Ian had lent Keegan. It steamed under the bridge and up river taking metres of line and eventually breaking it all off on the rough concrete of the bridge!


When you fish the Umzimkulu, bring heavy tackle!


For more information or to enquire about fishing the Umzimkulu, drop us a line on 079 326 9671, or We have self-catering accommodation available right on the river, with a slipway and jetty if you would like to bring your boat.

The Umzimkulu Marina

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