Jason Heyne weekly spearfishing report for KZN

Jason Heyne weekly spearfishing report for KZN

Over to Jason Heyne for last weeks spearfishing report for KZN…

“Conditions have been surprisingly good this week with the sea settling nicely on Thursday and Friday and the 1.6m swell predicted didn’t really put in an appearance. Predictions for Saturday look great and there is good viz in the middle south coast area. Sunday a moderate north east is predicted to blow early on the south coast and later on the north coast. Keep looking for those daga salmon and garrick as they are around and the white mussel cracker are definitely shoaling. Far north coast the queen mackerel are about in numbers with some fair size sharks and even Orcas putting in an appearance at Sodwana. Our prizes for the species comp on the 31st of October are shaping up nicely with a pair of freedivers carbon blades with foot pockets, a custom freedivers wetsuit and a night at Mcgintys lodge and boat charter for a day at sodwana lined up! As always dive safe and straight spears. “

Many thanks Jason!

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