How to stop the Natal Sharks Board from killing our sharks

How to stop the Natal Sharks Board from killing our sharks

In Australia, after much debate and some sterling protesting from pro-shark activists, Colin “Cullin” Barnett eventually accepted the stupidity of drum-lining sharks to protect humans. Although this is relatively old news, the decisions were made in 2014…but there was some leeway regarding certain activities which Barnett stated he may continue with. But it’s panned out. There are only a few beaches with drumlines still, but nothing like 2014, when they spent Oz$ 610 000 to kill sharks!

The link below tells the full story…

The point being, that if a progressive country like Australia can make such a stupid blunder, but was stopped by the public, why do we let the Kwazulu Natal Sharks Board continue their senseless murder of sharks?

It is us, and only us, who will be able to disband the KZNSB or redeploy it’s huge and costly infrastructure, to a more positive end? These guys are going through R100 000 000 per year, and are always out of cash. Yet they recapitalise with brand new shark killing equipment all the time, have a huge staff and a massive collection of infrastructure and properties to maintain. Most of their cash comes from the government, but a significant porion also comes from local municipalities. To attract tourism?

All in the name of killing sharks. The KZNSB tally is totally out of control, and it’s time to get some worthy and effective activism going. Where do we sign up?

Check out how do they stop shark culling in Australia…

Been following this dude a while now, seems right onto it. Maybe we can get him on over here to make some funnies?

Very entertaining and controversial, yet sensible? Worth a subscribe, that’s for sure…

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