Blue Marlin World Cup 2015

Blue Marlin World Cup 2015

Captain Duarte Rato gives an entertaining account of the Blue Marlin World Cup 2015, on his new website Click the following links to read all about it…


A Blue Marlin leaves the water as pro photographer Captain Duarte rato hits the shutter.

The competition is unique, exciting and worldwide. And as a result has grown in popularity over the decades. Read the following excerpt and click this link to check out the full story.

No other big game tournament allows teams to fish anywhere in the world for 8 hours in their time zones. The World Cup is for 1 day only, for 1 species only and with 1 winner only. There is no second place in the World Cup.

The entry fee of $3000 includes everyone on the boat. The OPTIONAL additional $5000 BIG BLUE CHALLENGE is for those who want to win an even BIGGER AWARD, (see rule 10). In 2011 this division was won with a 585 lb Kona blue marlin.”

The competition was won by Madeira…congratulations!

Follow this link to read Duarte’s story…

Blue Marlin World Cup

Blue Marlin World Cup 2015 winners, Pesca Grossa, representing Madeira

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