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Praia do Tofo: the best place to learn to surf

Praia do Tofo: the best place to learn to surf

Thulane Gustav shows us how cool Praia do Tofo, Inhambane, Southern Mozambique, is. With it’s rolling right handers – the perfect size for learning – and it’s vibey shorebreak, Praia do Tofo does wonders for guys like Thulane, a seasoned local, and for the visiting tourists. Who love to learn to surf!

The warm and clear water means no wetsuits, just suncream, and four or five surf sessions a day, are the norm. When you get a bit more confident, just around the headland lies Tofinho, a mean barrelling (when there is sand) right hander, to get you to the next level.

Thank you Thulane for the pics. And stay in the water and out of trouble!

Value acc in Tofo...+258 84 244 2842 / Afontelda@gmail.com


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