For fishing tackle in Malalane


Submitted by: Sean Lange


For fishing tackle in Malalane

Distributing MYDO Lures around the country has been an interesting task. And the vixen of a GPS system I am using, has been playing real tricks. I have ended up in such the wrong place at such the wrong time, many times.

But along the way, it has guided me to unexpected gems, one of which is TwinCity, in Malalane.

The only fishing tackle store in Malalane, it is run by Jakob and Mohammed, who are evidently as fishing mad as any other tackle store owner. To get to the shop, turn left at the Engen (presumably you would be well on your way to Mozambique coming from inland), then wing a right down towards Home Affairs, stop street, left and (vixen American drawl) – “your destination is on the left“.

The store also carries sporting and school wares, making for that good old family shop feel, that we used to get in our small old towns of yesteryear. In fact Malalane, still carries that outpost vibe, and it was easy to linger and watch the cars go by.

It’s the last tackle stop shop on your way into Mozambique, so save the details into your GPS.

Natal snoek or sailfish? You can choose on the islands pal! (c_ Captain Duarte Rato

On your way into Mozambique, stop at TwinCity in Malalane and stock up on tackle. Maybe you will get to release a sailfish like this one, shot by Captain Duarte Rato from

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