No sardines to report

No sardines to report

Well the elusive little sardines have pulled a characteristic vanishing act. In fact the red eyes are back in the picture causing mild sensation at Park Rynie. Netters bagged a whole shoal on Wednesday.

Shad are also decidedly quiet this morning. Yesterday it was one every five minutes. But the average size has dropped down a few notches.

Its not really the right tides for salmon either at the moment. These quietening neap tides are almost over though…and there is always the hope of a stray garrick.

The biggest news of the season here on the lower south coast of kwazulu natal, was Dean Winn, on a rapala test run, after midnight, on the weekend. He got a certifiable kob smash right in the shorebreak just before he was to pull his lure out of the water. A big fish. And on light tackle, Dean set in for the battle. Which lasted over two hours. Up and down the Sandspit until finally a 150 plus kilogram zambezi lay on the beach, beat. Dean chucked it back after a stern talking to and gave up fishing for the night. Photo to follow…


Correspondents Jay Steenkamp and Debbie Smith are also rather quiet this morning. But, this is what the sardines do. Here the one day. Gone the next. Until bang. They come back in force.

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