Winter marlin and hot gamefish action on Bazaruto

Winter marlin and hot gamefish action on Bazaruto

Captain Duarte Rato checking on from Bazaruto…

Click here for the full story and to check out Duarte’s encyclopedial new Bazaruto marlin fishing and gamefishing website

Catching gamefish like crazy and even a marlin, quite a handsome one at that, 400lbs plus, in the middle of winter. Just goes to show that those waters are favourable to billfish year round, and although November and April are insanity on a stick – any time of the year will do.

An excerpt from Duarte’s report…

“We decided to head up north on our first day and got onto some tuna mid morning. Being the marlin aficionados we are we decided to live bait a small juicy YFT – maybe to much optimist to do during the peak of winter – but after all we have caught good marlin on all calendar months and within 30 minutes we had a take from a 400 plus pound Black. Unfortunately the circle never found the spot and after a big run the fish through the bait on it´s first jump. Disappointing but still nice to see a good size fish in the middle of winter.”

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Carl Jankowitz with a healthy winter GT caught and released off Bazaruto

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