The Mydo and McArthy Baits story…

The MYDO and McArthy story

The Generation Two Mydo range, is an adaptation of the mighty Mydo
Baitswimmer – to plastic baits and dropshotting.

Mydo searched the globe far and wide, for the best plastic baits
available. The search led us through U.S waters, all over Europe, the
East, and down into Australia.

Along the way, there was one brand everywhere and all the time. And it
certainly and without doubt, bore the most quality and credibility
along the way.

And so we followed up…the plastic search leading to…Pretoria! Made
right here in good old South Africa.

McArthy Baits!

Stuart McArthy comes from a long line of highly regarded fisherfolk.
His Dad fished with Basil Hill and Jimmy Mead, back in the early Bazaruto days, and
Stuarts childhood was spent summarily chasing fish all over southern
Africa. This legacy of experience is where the quality and credibility
of McArthy, stems from.


McArthy baits come out tops every time. They rig easy, stay on the hook forever, produce lifelike shimmer and feel, come in an amazing blend of colours and really catch fish.

McArthy paddletails are used religiously up and won our coastline, for
kob off the side. Split tails catch everything in all sizes. Tuna jump
on the 7 and 9 inch, and even a marlin made a guest appearance on an
Ozzie TV show snacking on a McArthy. It ate one Stuarts new outsized
models with gusto.

Whilst testing with the MYDO Luck Shot Mini #1, in the Umzimkulu
Estuary down in Port Shepstone, KZN, SA…we bagged 9 species! Here
goes…perch, seapike, kob, rock salmon, big-eye kingfish, yellowfin
kingfish, flagtail, grunter and shad…all on McArthy 5 inch split


Simon Fish with the very first kob caught on the Mydo Luck Shot Mini and McArthy Bait combination. We were still in research and development and this fish sparked off a spate of good catches. Nice Simon! Read the whole story and watch video here

With the 7 inch paddletail or split tail, we increased our strike
rates phenomenally, by replacing sinkers with Mydo Luck Shots, when
bottom fishing, or fishing for bait. Rockod just can’t leave a Mydo
Luck Shot and McArthy bait alone. So much fun on light tackle.

The first tuna we caught on a Mydo Luck Shot and McArthy…the rod was
just in the holder, while we were drifting. The motion of the boat on
the ocean gave action to the offering – imagine how it must look as
the boat rolls and the rod tip jerks up and down.

When tuna surface 100 metres away, the 2.7 Oz Luck Shot Mini #2 will
enable that big cast to put you right on the button. Vas!

After a great start, the Mydo and McArthy team up is showing no signs
of slowing…check back for a continual flow of catch reports…right
here on

Trade enquiries for Mydo or Mcarthy to Kingfisher in Durban.

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