Sardine Report from Mapuzi

Sardine Report from Mapuzi

Robbie van Wijk, deep down in Transkei, is right in the thick of things, reporting in with this sardine report, from Mapuzi.

“Sardines aren’t striped bru! They are definitely spotted! Down here on the point at Mapuzi, birds are swooping and diving, dolphins are chowing down in the little bay. One chap beautifully fought a 7kg yellowtail in off the rocks while plenty medium sized kob and big shad getting pulled out. The sardines off Mapuzi, are definitely spotted!”

Thanks Robbie!


Gannets taking some time out. This was shot yesterday of Mnyemeni, by Jay Steenkamp. Jay is full time the man on the scene wherever the sardines are…more news to follow…

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