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Big waves at Port Shepstone. Wave almost devours ski boat!

Big waves at Port Shepstone. Wave almost devours ski boat!

Jay Steenkamp joined us this morning early, in a last ditch effort to get out the back. We ‘jacked Carl Gouws’ ski boat and Marc Lange took the helm.

The launch took 15 minutes of ducking and diving as the super surging swell just kept us holed in at the corner, dodging logs and flotsam, waves and foamies. Finally we got through and as we got up to the spot, a huge set demonstrated the seriousness of the situation, and thundered across the bay in front of us.

It took a few minutes of suiting up, and in went Brandon Lange, Roosta and Jay. They should have waited, but with the tide on it’s way out, our time in the zone was limited, so we forced the issue. And paid the price.

The first clean up set wave took us all by surprise, as it stood a good 50 ft above us and crashed down with vengeance. A solid 15 foot wave in Hawaiian terms. The three okes in the water (Roosta, Jay and Brandon Lange), had no chance. And nor did we on the boat, it seemed for a second or two. As we made our escape from the impact zone, the huge wave accelerated towards us and almost engorged us completely as we built speed trying to get away. A very touch and go moment, but Marc managed to pull it all straight and with some weight adjustments we got up to speed and escaped narrowly.

Buzz got the storming wave right on the head, Jay just behind him. Roosta managed to sneak into one just before the set so he was deep in the bay as the set washed through. The waves were so fast and powerful they just washed Jay and Buzz right in shallow towards the rocks. But the set abated and the crew re-assembled out the back. Some serious paddling.

A few more big sets threatened to snag us again but the guys in the water all had a few big drops. Roosta got seriously barrelled on his way in, and Buzz got two.

By now, the tide was dropping fast so we had to get the boat back in. Jay stayed out the back looking for a big one, which took a full half an hour to finally come Jay’s way. Sitting out there alone, a few k’s out to sea – Jay did the “Bobby Naidoo” with grace as we all wished him that wave.

Back on the beach!

Check the video…

Much more to follow…

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Value acc in Tofo...+258 84 244 2842 / Afontelda@gmail.com

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