Why you should know about the Shark Angels

Why you should know about the Shark Angels

We are really leaving the future of our species, and that of all species on this planet, to the tiniest minority. Volunteers.

Yes, we do have governmental institutions in place, but no, they are not doing their work. Instead, they facilitate the continued destruction of our natural resources. In every country on the planet.

It’s all very simple actually. The current governmental system, is what’s to blame. It allows for the manipulation of laws and measures. And in some cases, total ignorance of them. Money buys the whiskey, and money can bend the rules.

And the scientists allow it to happen. It is what they are paid to do. Validate bullshit and develop new ways to extort the planet and it’s oceans. Paid for by the governments and corporations. Never trust a scientist (Ok ok, there are some good ones out there).

It’s the volunteer groups. They are the people interested and concerned enough, with the environment, to do something. Greenpeace, Sea-Shepherd…the list, fortunately, is extensive.

Introducing the Shark Angels . An international team of volunteers committed to saving sharks, around the world. Including, and especially, here in South Africa. Where our sharks swim under severe threat, of being strangled and drowned, in the gill nets, of the Kwazulu Natal Sharks Board (KZNSB).

The KZNSB have been cruelly drowning sharks in their nets for decades. At the cost of hundreds of millions of Rands. This year alone, expenditure will reach a hundred million Rand or more. Paid by us. The government takes our money and uses it to kill our sharks. The very sharks that tourists spend their cash to come and see. And even swim with.

Check out the following link to get to know the Shark Angels better.



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