Transkei estuaries fishing well


Transkei estuaries fishing well


It’s been a great year for fledgling daga salmon up and down our entire coastline. I have seen them at this size (featured photograph) being taken in Maputo Bay and all the down into the Cape.

Kob fishing is the saltwater bass fishing it seems as they readily jump on a plastic bait, if well presented, and fished at the right time. They even look a bit like bass, fight like bass…but taste a lot better than bass!

These fish were caught on bait but there is a shot coming in later of another kob on a Mydo Luck Shot.

Stay posted!


Chief Mydo tester Brian Lange featuring with two nice kob caught deep in the Transkei somewhere.

1 comment for “Transkei estuaries fishing well

  1. Royden Anderson
    Jun 16, 2016 at 10:37 am

    Well done Brian and Mark.

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