MYDO Luck Shot #2 “doubling up” as a sinker

MYDO Luck Shot #2 “doubling up” as a sinker

Fishing for bait with a conventional sinker is fine, but replace that with a juiced up MYDO Luck Shot and you have a double functioning killer rig. You can merrily hunt around for bait all the while knowing that any self respecting rockcod cannot leave these “special sinkers” alone!

Bait jig rigs are actually really strong, they use 0.40mm diameter line for the mainline and 0.35 to the beefy little hooks. As you know, hooking up on the bottom with a bait trace always makes for a tug of war to get it off – you really got to pull to break the trace.

So if you hook a really big yellowbelly rockcod or something, you are well in with a chance, and when fished on light tackle – its’ just so much fun!

We have caught and released a bunch of smaller catface and yellowbelly rock cod so far fishing like this and I don’t think it will be long when an unsuspecting tuna or couta bangs that shiny looking thing chasing those yozuris all over the place!

More about Mydo’s here.

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