The Umzimkulu River comes alive

The Umzimkulu River comes alive

Pictures and stories are hammering in as the fish around the Port Shepstone area have really come on the bite. The weekend started with guests Mike and Brian (straight out of the movie ‘Gone Fishin”) opening their account with a beautiful kob on the Friday evening, taken from the jetty at The Umzimkulu Marina. The next day Rory Lawlor on “Happy Daze” reported a brace of big-eye kingfish caught on small little rappies trolled slowly up and down the channels.

Chris fishing with Rory and Gavin on Happy Daze in the Umzimkulu yesterday.

Chris Lepan fishing with Rory Lawlor, Greg Milward and Gavin Nellors on Happy Daze in the Umzimkulu yesterday.

A little later during the Saturday, as the tide started to move back in, bringing blue clean water with it, Brian was surprised by a solid bite and a huge run as his biggest big-eye kingfish made for freedom. But Brian held on and soon had the awesome fish in control. It was well hooked and after a short while we had the trace clear and the fish swam off very well educated.

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That night the Mike and Brian team caught another kob, and three perch, to round off their very successful fishing trip. But the next day told the best story as Rory and crew launched into the incoming tide on Sunday. They had a fabulous time catching (all on lures) a rock salmon, three big eye kingfish and a kob! All in one trip!

Fantastic times here on the river and this whole week offers incoming tides every afternoon and fishing into the evening will promise you a fish or five!

Other fishy stories from the Umzimkulu…

Zambezi Shark on lure

Ox-eye Tarpon on lure

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