Umzimkulu perch

Umzimkulu perch

The Umzimkulu Perch that we have been catching can range from little guys of like 10cm. And then up to like 4kg’s or more. They are aggressive and ferocious fighters too. Although the fish featured here took a fillet of sardine on a tiny hook – Umzimkulu Perch like to jump on a lure for sure. Sometimes we even get double strikes on the troll.

We troll all sorts but the best performer overall is definitely the range of soft baits on offer. Those loud clangy wheel bearing laden hard plastic baits are so completely unnatural. If we stick a nice split tail or paddel tail on a decent dropshot head, we can troll that up and down the channels and catch perch all day long (when they are biting ha ha).

If you stick the softbait on a MYDO LuckShot, you will get some real swimming action and the benefits of a softbait during the strike. Fish hold on to soft baits since they are so naturally textured. And the single hook almost always hooks in the top or corner of the mouth. Making for real healthy and successful releases. Compared to the double treble configuration (or singles), which almost always inflict damage on the fish.

Using double hook configuration for anything is always going to work against the chances of any fish surviving a release. Or for use as live bait. Double marlin konas are dangerous and inflict a lot of harm during the fight.

And as for bait fishing – use a circle hook! The difference is calculable right from your very first fish. Perfectly healthy releases!

Mapson jnr with a really good sized Umzimkulu perch - that was carefully released. Nice one family!

Mapson jnr with a really good sized Umzimkulu perch – that was carefully released. Nice one family!

Mike and Gina Mapson treated their family to this weekend down on the Umzimkulu River – and the first time they threw in a line, Mike jnr nailed this awesome perch. The perch ate a bread bait and was gently released by Dad.

The fishing has really hotted up in the Umzimkulu…more posts to follow…and fishing enquiries to or call 079 326 9671.

The Umzimkulu Marina is offering packaged fishing adventure trips (guided fishing, boats and accomodation for deep sea, rock n surf and estuary fishing) for the upcoming super- exciting fishing season.

Here is a quick YouTube video of our latest big perch, this one was caught two weeks ago (January 2020).

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If you or you kids want to come target perch for a weekend or a session, contact me Sean on or WhatsApp +27793269671

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