Comoros Dolphin Species


Submitted by: Phillipe Galabert


Fishing : Boats ( traditional fishermen) are back these days with lots of red tuna and dorado cory phene . This is the period here where they can catch a lots of bait ( a small fish smaller than sardina they named Sim Sim ) . They caught it very near by the coast and the proceed to the high sea using them . Dolphins are back at this season, groups of more than 200 units , looks like japanese yellow submarines attacking us vessels , I saw 2 types , 1 very dark with the mouth of a beluga and a bigger one bi color grey on the top and white , bigger than the first one . Here no fishing of dolphins , they are the best friends of fishermen to show them where are tuna .

comoros dolphins 1

The first species of dolphin sighted by Phillipe Galaberte in the Comores.


comoros dolphns 2

And the second species…looks like a common dolphin this one…


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