Barra on your desktop…

Barra on your desktop

A little something to inspire. And more news of the cyclonic conditions in southern Mozambique…


Click on the image for the highest resolution image, download it, and save as your desktop…
On Barra…- it’s not as tame as it looks. The sand comes up real steep as you can see through the wave in the photo, and breaks real fast as it unfolds onto the bank. Some 6ft waves break in 2ft of water – sending sand and foam 20ft into the sky – like an explosion.
On the recent cyclones… – The last one just screamed past us to the south making 1000 kilometres in no time flat. It sent us all the usual enticements – SSW winds, ENE swell but is now disappearing around Madagascar a bit too quick. If it hangs around anywhere in that sector of ocean though, the waves will never stop! Today it’s gonna be about 4 ft at Neptunes Bar and Restaurant, carefully positioned right in front of the heaviest barrell section on that almost famous strip of sand.
On Tofinho…- Tofinho also gets herself some lovin’ from the east swells. Invariably more hollow but sectiony down the point. The bay has been full of surfers sharing the magical conditions and crystalline water with baitballs and kingfish.

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