Too hot to surf…

Too hot to surf…

…or do anything else for that matter, between 11 and 3 or so each day lately, here in Tofo, Southern Mozambique. With the thermometer climbing to over 40 degrees more often than not, even surfing is nigh impossible. It’s not so much the sunburn – rashies, hats and cremes take care of that challenge – but rather the sheer levels of exposure your body must go through to get out there and surf. Many beach accesses see you traipsing through that dark black sand that literally melts in the sun, finding it’s way between your toes and everywhere else it can. Fishing is no easier – it seems the only safe place around here is underwater!


Too hot to surf…find a shady spot and sit tight! Even when Tofinho just keeps pumping them out.


Scuba diving is safer than snorkelling as the sun can really teach you a lesson as you drift around completely exposed with a layer of water to fool you that you are not being burnt at all!

Tofo Scuba has recently adopted new owners Brodie and Danny, who have revitalised the fantastic venue – right on the beach, a kilometre or so north of Tofo town. As dive operators Tofo Scuba has been around for a very long time – their team is highly regarded as real professional, and friendly to boot.

Aside from the scuba activities, the daily ocean safari’s search the crystal clean and warm water here for whale sharks, manta rays, turtles, dolphins, porpoises, whales and maybe even the odd shark if you get really lucky.

The restaurant operated by Tofo Scuba starts early and closes early…which suits us all fine since Tofo generally only get’s going each day after 9. It is called 23 degrees and the kitchen fires up at 7am! A really tasty breakfast and a good coffee sets you up for the day.


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