Kayaking Barra with Lalaland

Kayaking Barra with Lalaland

Staying at Lalaland kind of gives you everything. Peace and quiet. Beach and sun. And yet you are so close to all the offerings Inhambane has to offer…
Lalaland hosts Chad and Heidi make a point of facilitating anything you need around the Tofo area. Horseriding. Inhambane town tours. Ocean Safaris. Scuba diving. Fishing. Surfing. Kayaking…

Barra is just over the peninsula from Lalaland – and is home to acres upon acres of mangrove forests. They grow happily in the saltwater – at high tide some are completely submerged! They grow randomly, but create intriguing channels through the wetlands. And it’s these channels that you can negotiate on kayaks – putting you face to face with the bird and marine life so prolific in the huge Inhambane estuary.


Laland is set in PARADISE! You can kayak the Inhambane estuary, surf the Tofinho point, dive Giants and spend time touring Inhambane town. Contact afontelda@gmail.com

The estuary is 40 times bigger than the Knysna lagoon – and is much more populated. Mangrove and blue crabs, flamingos, squid and fishies are among the main attractions – but just paddling about in clear warm water is enough to make you stoked!

Lalaland still has a few rooms open for December 2014. For more info please mail afontelda@gmail.com


Crystal clear warm tropical water…Kayaking Barra with Lalaland.


Doing time in Mozambique – this time on Isla da Porcos – adjacent to Ihla da Ratos – just over the water from Inhambane town.


Your Lalaland hosts – Chad and Heidi


Absorbing some sun and some information on the dynamics of the Inhambane Estuary


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